Retirement Planning

Helping you to achieve the retirement you deserve

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

We are living longer and for most people the state pension is not going to fund their desired retirement income.  It is now more important than ever, to make sure you make plans, so you have the income you require in your retirement.  

We offer financial advice to help ensure you have the best chance possible of saving what you need for your retirement.  An experienced advisor can simplify the retirement planning process and explain the different options available and ensure you benefit from any tax advantages.

For those that are approaching retirement it is not always as simple as relying on an occupational final salary scheme.  Currently there are several options which need to be considered and it isn’t always as straightforward as buying the best priced annuity.  Making a bad decision could cost you thousands of pounds each year for the rest of your life.

Our pensions expert has over 30 years’ experience and is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals.  Please contact us to have a free consultation.

Retirement planning & saving

After a long and busy working life it is now time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. It is unlikely that the state will be able to provide the means to a comfortable well-earned retirement. With government tax incentives we will help put together for you a programme to give you a retirement that you merit.

Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstances and is subject to change.

Pension scheme consolidation

If you have several different pension/investment pots, there are potential advantages if you consolidate them into one, however, potential downsides to watch for too. We offer financial advice before moving your pension schemes

At retirement process

The last two years have seen enormous changes in pension legislation, in particular when it comes to how you draw your pension benefits at retirement. We will guide you through the different options you have taking into account your personal, financial and tax situation

Tax efficient investment planning

Investing within a tax efficient investment plan can give a huge boost to your savings. We will help you invest in plans that are tax efficient

Inheritance tax planning

You work hard, save hard and manage your money well; you do not want to give the taxman more than you need to before you pass it to your children and grandchildren. We can help you plan for this in order that as much as your assets as possible are passed in accordance with your wishes